First Home Buyers Seminar – 9th July


Couples on the lookout for their first home were engaged by Mr Jimmy Beh, director of First Home Advisors, as he gave his first talk at Blissful Brides Cafe on the 9th of July, Saturday.

Couples were given an overview of various popular upcoming projects, and advised on the districts and areas that were the properties more likely to increase in value over the next few years.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the workshop was when Jimmy allowed couples to preview the costs of properties, chosen by them, across the island, which was a jaw-dropping moment for many in attendance, as it was revealed that Housing Development Board (HDB) flats from old estates were going for as high as $900,000.


Another revelation for many was that Executive Condominiums, although about as affordable for many as Built-To-Order (BTO) flats, had potential to sell at double its price within a decade.

Couples undoubtedly walked away more enriched from the talk, and definitely more aware of the loans available from the government for first-time buyers as well.

“Jimmy proved to have our genuine interests at heart, and he helped us find our first home!,” said Mr Clement Sim. He and his wife, Jean, have been married for over a year, and up to that point, had not yet found their first matrimonial home.

“We are grateful to Blissful Brides Cafe and First Home Buyers for being part of our journey.”


“We got acquainted with Jimmy at the First Home Buyers Seminar, organised by Blissful Brides. At the seminar, we noticed that he presented information that was well thought through, and he had research information to substantiate his points. During the seminar, he was generous and approachable, and that made us comfortable in reaching out to him for help. 

I’ve encounter some agents before, but Jimmy stands out in a few ways. Firstly, he is not pushy; he allowed us to make a decision at our own pace. He was also very patient and entertained our requests and understood our anxiousness as first time buyers. On top of that he was genuinely concerned about our welfare; he put himself in our shoes and gave us advice as if he were the one making the purchase.

As we asked Jimmy about different properties that we were considering, he provided valuable wisdom that allowed us to make good decisions. One example was how he advised us to go for this particular unit because of the facing, and how that will allow us to sell it off more easily in future.”

– Clement Sim & Jean Teo