Cafe Guide

Brochures of Available Wedding Services

Spotting an interior that is at once welcoming and romantic, couples are greeted with a space that is conducive for dreaming up their perfect wedding. Stylish stands carrying detailed brochures greet couples as they enter the Blissful Brides Café. Here, couples are able to easily research the services provided by wedding merchants such as bridal boutiques, make-up artists and the likes.


Photographer, Videographer & Venue Montages

Two TV screens strategically placed in the cafe loop processed photos and videos of various pre-wedding and actual day photographers and videographers. Couples can preview these along with the final output of the various wedding photographers. A third TV screen showcases potential solemnisation and wedding banquet venues for couples to consider as well.


Wedding Albums For Browsing & Viewing

Wedding albums have been prettily displayed on a dedicated shelf just within arm’s reach, showcasing the available photography and gown styles from local merchants.

Delectable Desserts For Your Wedding Day

Cakes on display have been carefully selected to showcase products specifically created for couples looking for unique desserts to serve at their wedding events.

Attractive range of Wedding Favours specially handpicked for your selection and inspiration.

wedding favors_1

wedding favors_2

wedding favors_3